Erin Loree portrait
Nationality Canadian
Born b. 1988

Erin Loree

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Toronto-based artist, Erin Loree engages with her material through an intuitive call and response technique, whereby she adds, removes, scrapes and adds layers of paint, allowing chance occurrences to reveal the final imagery, hovering between abstraction and figuration. She has exhibited nationally and internationally including Toronto, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, and the UK.

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Artwork: A Little Light
Erin Loree
Title and Year:
A Little Light | 2020
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    The Swirl
    Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Canada

    Forth and Back
    Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

    Shadow of a Hole
    Heather Haynes Gallery, Gananoque, Canada

    Snakes and Ladders
    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    The Good Glazier
    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Midnight Bloom
    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Become The Sky
    Galerie Youn, Montreal, Canada

    Soul Spectra
    CFA Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Luxe Calme et Volutpé, curated by Audra Lambert
    The Yard, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    New Thick, curated by Barry Hazard
    The Royal, Brooklyn, NY

    The Magic Hour, curated by Calli Moore
    Seven House, Brooklyn, NY

    Imago Mundi Canada – Great and North
    Onsite Gallery, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada

    Simmer III, curated by Tyler Armstrong
    The Costume House, Toronto, Canada

    Conveyor, curated by Kate Mothes
    YNGSPC, Brooklyn, New York

    Abstract 4 Ways
    Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

    Central-Eastern Canada: Out of the Bush Garden
    Imago Mundi Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, IT

    The Inaugural Group Show
    The Sussex Contemporary, Ottawa, Canada

    ‘O Canada’
    BEERS London, London, UK

    No Vacancy II, Curated by Ballast Projects
    Studio 929, Brooklyn, NY

    Full Spectrum
    Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Canada

    Summer Group Exhibition
    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Younger Than George: 12 Painters in their 20s and 30s
    George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

    Summer Group Show
    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    I <3 Paint II
    Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    15 Painters
    Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, Canada

    OCAD U Student Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Inhabitance: Nest Collective
    #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Festival of The Body
    OCAD U, Toronto, Canada

    Lueur / Glow
    Galerie Youn, Montreal, Canada

    7 Toronto Painters
    Galerie BAC, Montreal, Canada

    Au Féminin – 13 Women Redrawing Boundaries
    CFA Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    The Soul in September
    26, Toronto, Canada

    Summer Colours
    CFA Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Optic Elixer
    Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Young Collectors Exhibition
    Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

    OCAD Alumni Association Exhibition
    Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada

    From Yesterday to Tomorrow
    CFA Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Little Salon: These Post-Neo-Pop Like Days
    Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

    Fatal Abstractions
    Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Vida de la Amazonia
    La Patarascha Gallery, Tarapoto, Peru

    Lluvia de Ideas
    Castillo de Lamas, Lamas, Peru

    New Biology 2
    Moore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    Art Barrage: Guest Room
    p|m Gallery, Toronto, Canada

    The Next Generation
    CFA Gallery, Toronto, Canada

  • 2012
    Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Canada
    BFA – Drawing and Painting

    2009 – 2010
    The OCAD U Florence Off-Campus Studies Program, Florence, Italy

    Q.E.C.V.I., Kingston, ON, Canada
    Creative Arts Focus Program

  • Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto, Canada
    Holt Renfrew Corporate Collection, Toronto, Canada
    Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa
    Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy

  • 2015
    Grant recipient, Visual Artists: Emerging, Ontario Arts Council

    OCAD University Medal for Drawing and Painting, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    Nora E. Vaughan Award, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Award, Toronto, Canada
    Spoke Club Membership Prize, Toronto, Canada

    Karl Heinz Wiesen Memorial Award, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    Scholarship recipient, Frances Lea Ziegler Scholarship, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada

    Eric Freifeld Award, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    Scholarship recipient, Carol & Morton Rapp Foundation Scholarship, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    “Best Drawing” in The Art of the Figure Exhibition, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    Grant recipient, Kendra Jaal McCleskey Grant, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada

    Scholarship recipient, Barbara Sauerbrie Memorial Scholarship, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada
    Scholarship recipient, Jacques Dagenais Colour Scholarship, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada

    Scholarship recipient, OCADU Alumni Association Scholarship, OCAD U, Toronto, Canada