Java Jones portrait
Nationality American
Born b. 1995

Java Jones

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Born in Selma, Alabama, Java Jones is an anti-disciplinary artist engaging with environmentally sensitive and sustainable approaches to sculpture as well as experimental image making. Jones describes their process as an act of oscillating between figuration and abstraction. The artist’s practice explores quiet photography and haptic memory, critical love and home buildin’, abstraction and the burden of identity. Currently, Jones is working on their forthcoming monograph, 'on the edge of a dream: one last dance with/in flesh.' They have exhibited at The Watermill Center and Aperture Foundation, among others places.

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Artwork: From A to B (TWBLWD series)
Java Jones
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From A to B (TWBLWD series) | 2019
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  • 2021
    In the hallway
    ROOTS Virtual Salon

    The Next Generation of Artists: MFA 2020

    Holding Space
    Hair and Nails, Minneapolis, MN

    Parallel Realities & Unpopular Truths
    Superposition Gallery x SoLA Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

    05181046324143141713 (a game)
    25 East Gallery, New York, NY

    The Glitch
    Superposition Gallery, Los Angeles,

    Between Here and There
    25 East Gallery, New York

    Tabula Rasa: Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction
    Watermill Center, New York

    Dissociations: Land, Water, Flesh
    Skybridge Gallery, New York

    The New Vanguard
    Aperture Foundation, New York

  • 2020
    Parsons School of Design
    Oscar Kolin MFA Fellowship

    Parsons School of Design
    MFA Fine Arts

    Parsons School of Design
    BFA Comm. Design