Zaam Arif portrait
Nationality Pakistani-American
Born b. 1999

Zaam Arif

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Zaam Arif is an American-Pakistani contemporary artist residing and working in Houston, Texas. The artist explores existentialist experiences of the layman, the experiences that we tend to hide. He confronts it with a penetrating interpretation of human nature, transforming it into a visceral reality. His work is a manifestation of his understanding of the contemporary human condition along with insights garnered from his study of classical literature and psychology.

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Artwork: The hiding place
Zaam Arif
Title and Year:
The hiding place | 2021
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Bidding Ended

  • 2021
    Anna Molka Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

    Malamegi Lab 18, Venice, Italy

    The Holy Art Gallery, London, England

  • 2024 (forthcoming)
    University of Houston, TX
    BFA, Desigm

  • 2021
    Malamegi Lab 18 Research Grant, Italy