Giving Back

Support College Fund

Greenhouse Auction is proud to donate the entirety of the seller fee to support a scholarship fund benefitting students in Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Predominantly Black Colleges.

The scholarship is administered by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), which supports their 47-member publicly funded schools. Specifically, the scholarship is geared toward individuals studying art history as a means of creating a viable path for more students of color to pursue a career in the arts. It is important—essential, in fact—that the art ecosystem be more diverse, inclusive and reflective of the world in which we live.

Founded in 1987, the TMCF has awarded more than $300M to their students, enabling the path for graduation and subsequent employment in a wide variety of fields. In addition to scholarships, the TMCF supports programming as well as advocacy at their member schools, supporting their mission “To ensure student success by promoting educational excellence and preparing the next generation of workforce talent through leadership development.”

By supporting TMCF, Greenhouse Auctions is encouraging HBCU students to enter the art world, re-write the art historical cannon, continue the advocacy for artists of all background and nationalities, and move toward a more beautifully diverse art world.

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