Greenhouse Auctions in da house!

So let’s see. This is the first post, which in some ways carries the added pressure of setting the tone for future posts, so let me be very clear from the onset: this blog will be non-linear. That’s right. It will be non-linear because we live in a non-linear reality, and if there is one thing we all know at this stage it’s to expect the road ahead to wind and curve and curl and twist and take you in every which direction but straight. So go with it.


This business was formed less than six months ago as of the time of this writing. And yet here I am. Here we are. I say ‘we’ because I’m including you, my dear reader, in this very space. Greenhouse Auctions sprouted in the midst of an economic avalanche, and its mission from day one has been to create an inclusive, inviting, safe space for those in the art world who are often left out. Left out of what, you ask? The buzz, the headline-grabbing vanities, the pompous egos, the air kisses, the flying nonsense. Those who choose to create, promote and sell art for the beauty and sincerity of it.


Greenhouse Auctions, like our name suggests, is about community. And transparency. And nurturing. Because at the end of the day, that’s the most we can build with the hope that this see-through structure acts as a place to interact—even if virtually—with those who power the art world. Many of the names in our inaugural auction, Sourdough, may not be a household names—at least not yet—but check out their profiles. They’ve exhibited everywhere, their work has been collected by collectors renowned for their keen eye, they’ve had museum shows and artist residencies, they lecture in some of the finest art institutions in the world and they’ve won accolades and awards in every corner of the globe. This greenhouse was built for them.


They featured artists chose to enter because they see the value in community. They understand and respect the need for greater transparency in the world, especially the auction community. And they want to connect with you. Yes, you, my dear reader. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Brussels or Zurich or New York or a charming hamlet in Upstate New York or in your Mexico City suburb. These artists—and their galleries, in many instances—have joined so they have the chance to connect with you. They want to tell you something.


So listen. Listen to their stories, their inspiration, their narrative. While the rest of us binge watched shows about all you cats and kittens and haunted houses, these individuals—these creators—went back to their studios, or set up makeshift studios, and they channeled their energy towards building, creating, assembling, painting, molding, drawing, glazing, sanding, coating, spraying, splashing, tinting, dying, brushing, scrubbing and who-knows-what-else because that’s what they do best.


So listen. And come closer. This greenhouse is their home, and they want to invite you. Correction: we want to invite you in. The pleasure is all ours. And soon enough, yours, too.