Tony Vazquez-Figueroa
“Black Mirror Painting M/3”
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acrylic, rubber and resin on canvas
72 x 57 in. (183 x 145 cm.)
Year: 2020
Extra Info:

Signed in ink, verso

Location: Miami, FL

Seller: Tony Vazquez-Figueroa and LnS Gallery, Miami, FL.

Inspired by his native Venezuela, Tony Vazquez-Figueroa has been dutifully examining the way in which crude oil has shaped the world economy and subsequently impacted global dynamics, interpersonal communication and the relentless pursuit of power. The artist's initial body of work cast 'mirrors' out of bitumen, and later, molten resin. By creating highly reflective surfaces, Vazquez-Figueroa confronts his viewers with their own distorted reflection, asking them to question their involvement and implication—be it inadvertent or otherwise—in the power shifts resulting from access to oil. In Black Mirror Painting M/3, a single pool of intoxicatingly beautiful resin majestically hovers toward the top of the canvas, as menacing as it is seductive. With world dynamics in flux following the decrease in demand for oil during lockdown, Black Mirror Painting M/3 is all the more relevant, its reflective pool projecting our collective state as much as our personal.

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Tony Vazquez-Figueroa portrait

Tony Vazquez-Figueroa

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