Vernon O'Meally
“Melancholy Molly”
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Acrylic, collaged canvas, Neocolor and spray paint on canvas
60 x 48 in. (152 x 122 cm.)
Year: 2020
Extra Info:

Signed and dated, verso

Location: New York, NY

Seller: Vernon O’Meally and ABXY Gallery, NY.

The painting Melancholy Molly is from Vernon O’Meally’s most recent series, ‘Flowers For Minnie.’ The series derives its name from the Cab Calloway 1930’s classic song, Minnie the Moocher, in which the title character, an impoverished runway, falls into poverty and resorts to begging for expired food from local grocers. Created during lockdown, ‘Flowers for Minnie’ is an acknowledgement of our collective social plight as well as an earnest gesture to elevate our spirits. The flowers, cartoonish and playful, are balanced by a grisaille palette, reflecting our current oscillation between cheerfulness and somberness. And even the vase in Melancholy Molly is animated in its biomorphic shape, existing in the liminal space between object and subject, an in-between space that feels all the more apt during this most unusual year. Indeed, Melancholy Molly could be seen as a meditation on learning to live in a new hybrid space, and coming to appreciate its surreal, unusual beauty.

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Vernon O'Meally

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