William Osorio
“Vispera III”
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Oil and acrylic on canvas
28 x 22 in. (71 x 56 cm.)
Year: 2020
Extra Info:

Signed, titled and dated, all on the verso

Location: Miami, FL

Seller: William Osorio and LnS Gallery, Miami, FL.

The Cuban-born, Miami based artist William Osorio states, "With my work, I try to investigate the complexities of the human condition and in the absurd, the tragic and the divine that composes it." For the artist, past and present converge on the canvas, which becomes a conduit for the artist to begin his exploration. In 'Vispera III', the artist disrupts a seemingly straight self-portrait with a geometric, duo-chromatic 'break' that slices the portrait. Subsequently, viewers are prevented from sinking into perceiving the artwork as an attempt to capture his physical likeness. "My artistic practice consists of a game of concealment and revelation of the subject," William explains, "in an attempt to analyze the human behavior." By applying thick layers of paint in some parts, and emphatically flat in others, the artist continuously eschews a linear reading of his work, compelling viewers to dive further into the underlying philosophical narrative.

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William Osorio portrait

William Osorio

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