How to Sell

Selling at Greenhouse Auctions says three things about you. One, you embrace an innovative model to promote emerging and established artists. Two, by participating in our auctions, you’re promoting diversity and inclusion. Three, you were an artnerd in college. Let’s be honest. So now, explore the process for sellers, and be sure to check out the unique advantages for selling at Greenhouse Auctions.

overall view

  • Greenhouse Auctions, like our name suggests, promotes community-building through transparency and nurturing. We designed the business in response to a rapidly changing art world in which power continuously tilts in favor of the few. Artists, despite being the driving force behind the art market, are often excluded from such power. To address and rectify this paradigm, Greenhouse Auctions provides a dedicated platform that reaps the benefits of the auction model but works exclusively with the primary market, from artists to galleries, designers and beyond. In doing so, we respect the art ecosystem and provide a new, exclusive and ethically-structured business that works directly for—not just with—artists and their galleries. Proceeds from each sale support a scholarship fund geared toward students in historically Black colleges & universities, allowing sellers and buyers to take an active part in building a more diverse art world.

  • We believe that cross-category presentation of artwork is most effective, and as such, each auction is designed to include a wide variety of mediums, genres and regions. To differentiate one auction from the next, each auction is centered around a theme or a story that forms the magnetic force for the constellation of artwork around it. We leave the interpretation of the theme to the artists.

selling at auction

  • We welcome all artists and galleries to submit artwork in any medium that they think would be a suitable match for auction. All artwork must be fresh to the market. In other words, it has never sold before—be it at auction, gallery, art fair or otherwise—even if it’s been exhibited. We do not accept selling inquiries from private collectors.

  • We accept inquiries through Please send high-res images, full cataloguing information, retail price, and full exhibition history. We’ll review and get back to you if we believe Greenhouse Auctions could be successful on your behalf.

  • We’re a green business model, so the artwork stays with the seller throughout the entire process. Sellers are to provide the required assets for the online catalogue based on the specs provided by Greenhouse Auctions.

  • When a work of art sells at auction, the seller fee is a flat 5% of the hammer price. At the end of each auction, we donate the entirety of the seller fees raised in that auction to the scholarship fund.   And if the work of art does not sell? The seller does not owe us a dime. Nada.

after the auction

  • Nope. We know that auction results do not always reflect the primary market—for good or otherwise—and we want the focus to stay on supporting the participating artists regardless of the outcome. Greenhouse Auctions does not post any of the results on our website or submit them to any public databases.

  • After the buyer has paid in full and their payment has cleared, we hold the funds in escrow and introduce the seller and the buyer. Greenhouse will provide shipping options through a third-party provider, although the seller and the buyer may pursue other options if they wish. Once the artwork has shipped—or picked up by the buyer—Greenhouse pays out the seller.

  • You bet.

what does that mean for the seller?

  • No financial risk
  • Protection of primary market by hiding results
  • Continued patronage through introduction to buyer post-auction
  • Direct contribution to scholarship fund for HBCU students