What’s Better Than a ‘Happy New Year’?

A new era is upon us, and here is hoping that it brings us all brilliant opportunities and exciting news. Lots of them. Let’s be honest, wishing a ‘Happy New Year’, thus far, has felt like a cruel joke. An otherwise sleepy-if-well-intentioned wish has become an unintended portal to commiseration (and the wine cabinet—keeping it real over here.)

But we’re here to share good news. Promising news, in fact.

Greenhouse Auctions, as you know, was founded in the bowels of the pandemic, so it was befitting that our inaugural auction, Sourdough, be dedicated to some of the most vulnerable members of our community—artists—who, despite or perhaps because of the state of the world, channeled their boundless talent and creativity into making something beautiful and important.

The inaugural auction was a great success, drawing over 2,400 visitors to our website during the two-week preview and over 500 visitors the morning of the auction. Dozens of registrants from across the U.S., Singapore, Italy, South Korea, Belgium, Mexico, Spain and Canada signed up to participate in the auction. None of the participants—be it sellers or bidders—had been spared by the impact of the pandemic, but all found the time to create and support the purest of our common denominator: our shared love for art. And thanks to them, we were able to raise $3,500 for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

As we look to the road ahead, we are happy to share that we will be holding two auctions this Spring:

FORMATION: Reimagining the body in contemporary art. The notion of what constitutes a ‘body’ is up for deliberation: Body of water, body of work, body of text. Cars have a body, as do buildings and glaciers and flowers and bottles. Needless to say, the pandemic has made us all aware of our own human body: its fragility, beauty, elasticity. All of it. We’re here for it.

QUERENCIA: Creating safe space in visual culture. Coming from the Spanish word querer, meaning ‘to want’ or ‘to desire’, a querencia is the safe space a bull secures for itself in the ring. By extension, it’s the safe space—physical, psychological, fantastical—that we’ve all created for ourselves over the years. Our go-to. There is no such thing has having too many of those.

So beyond a Happy—and, as importantly, Healthy—New Year, let us all benefit from a Stronger New Year, one in which we will find our resilience restored, our balance replenished, and our mindset clearer. We cannot wish away the road ahead, but for our sake, let’s remember that if we’re in the position to read (or write) this post, we survived this past year. And we didn’t just survive, we grew. And learned. And produced. So let’s keep going and growing together. We got this.